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Language services

As an old joke goes, there are a few ways to provide translation service:

  1. Fast;
  2. High quality;
  3. Fast and high quality, but expensive.

    "Express"translation agency offers another way:

  4. Efficient (competent translator, quick order processing, low rates, convenient response system, discount systemand other related services).

We offer:

    Software translation
    and site localization

    Translation of media

    • Translation of audio recordings
    • Translation of video files
    • Captioning

Please note! We have special offerings for most requested translation pairs:

As the old saying goes, punctuality is the politeness of kings. Here at "Express"translation agency we can confidently say that punctuality is the politeness of a translator. Any experienced translator can off the top of their head name a million mishaps resulting from translation inaccuracy, which means poorly rendered translation services.

Written translation is believed to be one of the most time-consuming activities. Certainly, with today's technological era, this process is advanced with the help of computerized translation tools. However, even in the Third Millennium there is no program capable of translating without the help of a professional specialist. Even when it comes to translation of documents that do not require any creative approach (agreements, contracts, etc.), a translator is still the creator of the text, however pompous it may sound.

Translators with two degrees (linguistic and narrowly-specialized) are the most highly-valued. Such translators have a list of technical translation topics, which they have expert knowledge of. There is no need for consulting a focused specialist while translating, which significantly decreases time expenditure. Such professionals are of extreme value in this business. We cherish them and are very proud to have such connections, which resulted from cooperation between "Express"translation agency and our freelance translators in Moscow and all over Russia.

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