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Translation of documents

Translation of documents, contracts of any aspect, topic and complexity is our profession, of which we know everything.

Going abroad, you will probably need to prepare certain documents, fill them out and translate into a foreign language.

Translation of documents should be made by a professional translation agency that has proper specialists for doing this job. This is due to legal formalities that must be observed, and not due to the fact that the person traveling abroad may or may not have a low command of a foreign language.

Even if a professor of linguistics, fluent in German, decides to leave his native Moscow for receiving treatment in Bavaria, he will face the need for translation of documents with mandatory notarization, such as medical history, the contract with a medical establishment, and so on, not to mention translation of passport and other personal documents.

Successful cooperation with foreign partners is also primarily built upon a good understanding. Besides the fact that all important official talks and meetings require interpretation, sooner or later you will need a professional translation of official documents, which is also better be entrusted only to professional translation agencies, upon condition that the company does not have its own staff of competent professionals. Translation of contracts is mostly connected to the specifics of certain companies and enterprises, so the translator needs to have a thorough knowledge of the topic and relevant vocabulary.

Agencies without proper legal support cannot conduct the translation of documents, as they do not have the appropriate rights. "Express" translation agency provides translation of documents with further notarization.

The cost of translating documents

We offer pleasant rates for translations of documents of various kinds. For example, the price of translation from English into Russian is €0.025 per word, from Chinese - €0.06 per word. Information on the cost of translation from other languages ​​can be found in the "Pricing" section.

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