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Translation from Serbian

translation from Serbian into RussianSerbian is the official language of Serbia and is also in wide use in Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Serbian language is also spoken by some minority groups in Macedonia and Hungary. It belongs to the South Slavic group and is still sometimes considered to be a dialect of Serbo-Croatian.

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Modern Serbian uses Cyrillic and Latin alphabets at the same time. The Cyrillic alphabet is used mainly by the Slavic nations and it is original to the Serbian language, and the Latin alphabet is used in the Serbian language outside Serbia – in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia. The Serbian language began to use the Latin script because of the influence of the Roman languages. The Cyrillic alphabet suits well the phonological system of the Serbian language as there is a symbol for every sound, so it is very easy to read and write in Serbian. The Latin alphabet sometimes needs to use the combinations of the letters for one sound. There was an idea of switching to one alphabet but it was not supported. So, at this time all the important documents are published both in Cyrillic and Latin variants. As for the mass media and other press, the texts can be published in one of the variants.

There are several dialects in the Serbian language: Ekavian, Ijekavian, Shtokavian, Torlakian.

The Serbian phonological system has 30 sounds: 5 vowels and 25 consonants. The vowels can be pronounced with falling tone, rising tone or can be non-tonic. They can also be either long or short.

The verbal system of the Serbian language has the category of tense, mood, voice. There are 4 past tenses, 1 future and 1 present in the indicative mood, there are 2 more in the conditional mood and there is also the imperative mood. The Serbian verbal system has active and passive voice.

As the Serbian language belongs to the Slavic group, most of the words are of Slavic origin and are common to other Slavic languages. The loanwords came mainly from Turkish, German, Italian, Hungarian and Greek Some of the words loaned from Turkish are of Persian or Arabic origin. Serbian borrowed a lot of words from German and sometimes it borrowed the words from other languages, like English or French but through German. The Serbian language has been influenced both by the West and by the East European countries.

Almost every language in the world uses two Serbian words: vampire and paprika. They came to other languages through the German texts.

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