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Translation from Arabic

translation from Arabic into RussianArabic belongs to the Semitic group and it is the most wide-spread language of the group. More than 280 million people in the Middle East and Africa speak it as a native language. Like other popular languages it has many dialects and spoken varieties and also it has an official, standard form which is taught in schools, institutes and is used by authorities and mass-media.

The Arabic language is a language of Islam church and is used in liturgy in many Muslim countries.

The cost of translation from Arabic into Russian

Up to 75 pages 740
Over 75 pages 700

The cost of translation into the Arabic language

Up to 75 pages 770
Over 75 pages 730

The influence of the Arabic people in science and philosophy during the Middle Ages was great. The trace of this influence we may see in modern languages, which borrowed Arabic words. Such words from Arabic language as “admiral”, alchemy, algebra, algorithm, jasmine, mattress, sofa and many others came to other languages and became international.

The Arabians, unlike Europeans, write from right-to-left. Some of the Semitic languages also use this writing method.

The Arabic language has long history and a lot of books and documents are written in it. The earliest Arabic texts found in Arabia and Sinai are from the 8th century BC. Most of the earliest Arabic texts are religious or historical.

The Arabic people still consider calligraphy as a form of art and learn to write carefully. There are also professional calligraphers who make decorative writing.

Sometimes it is needed to make a transliteration from the Arabic script to the Latin alphabet and so a special transliteration standard was developed. Transliteration is used in computer processing of the Arabic language and is popular for learning purposes.

The grammatical structure of the Arabic language is often called perfect or algebraic, because it is so logical and understandable. As for other Semitic languages, they don't normally posses such a quality. Nouns in Arabic have categories of number, case, gender and a state. Verbs also have categories of person, gender, number and should agree with nouns. In verbal system of the Arabic language there are also moods, voices, tenses and aspects.

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