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To place an order please use our online request form or call us in Moscow at +7/499/40-33-147 or in St. Petersburg at 8/800/77-50-795 and we will calculate the order cost.

The existing discount system:

  • An order of more than 50 standard pages at once (1 standard page=1,800 characters including spaces) – 5% off!
  • An order of two or more languages translation – 3% off
  • Any translation from French – 8% off

Discounts are cumulative!

Written translation rates

1. Basic rate

Basic rate is applied to general subject documents (general political, everyday topics).

Please choose the translation pair and we will calculate the cost!


2. Special rate

Special rate is applied to the following documents:

  • Technical or medical topics, website translation (the cost is calculated according to the percentage of specific terms);
  • The translated document requires a layout with a specialized program (Power Point, AutoCAD, Excel, etc.), usually technical translation with its cost depending on the text complexity and order timing;
  • Document requires editorial revision (terminological alignment).
...and calculated individually. Special rate is extra charge above the translation cost, 20-30% of basic rate.

3. Urgent translation

Another 50% of the translation cost, calculated according to basic or special rate, are added in case of urgent translation (cost depends on how urgent it is).

The most popular translation pairs (to and from English, from German) are low-cost. We are pleased to inform you, that the cost does not affect our consistently high quality service.

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