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Articles on Translation

We have posted here some articles concerning topical problems of translation and translation industry which we recommend you to read. The articles will be useful to our clients, as well as to our colleagues.

Is there any Algorithm for Literary Translation?

- translation activity is known from the ancient times, but in spite of that there is still no satisfying answer to the question of how the translation process runs in a translator's mind. Join us in our gripping search of translation algorithm!

Strategy for Choosing a Profitable Supplier of Translation Services Pages 1 2
- the translation market nowadays is full of attractive offers and various services, so it could be difficult for a customer to choose a reliable and professional supplier of translation services. The article gives several easy-to-follow recommendations which may help you to make a right choice.

Peculiarities of Technical Translation
- technical translation is one of the most needed types of translation today and the number of orders is constantly growing. Technical translation is not an easy task for a translator and has its own peculiarities and difficult moments, which will be discussed in the article.

Profession of Translator: pros and cons
Pages 1 2
- an essay dwelling on the advantages and disadvantages of the translator's work. Information on education, career opportunities, salaries and professional diseases of the translators and interpreters.

Peculiarities of Legal Translation
- this type of translation requires the maximum accuracy from a translator and great attention to the details,as well as the ability to operate special terms and background knowledge of the sphere. The article runs about the main features of legal translation.

Actual Problems of Scientific-Technical Translation
Pages 1 2 
- brief but informative description of the situation in modern translation market in Russia. The article provides details of how do the translators work, which problems face, their approximate work volume and payment amounts.

Who has a Gift to Foresee: Topical Problems and Prospects of Translation Industry
Pages 1 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
- an essay concerning different types of translation, importance of specialization, prospects of translation industry with a bright addition of funny stories about translators.
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