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Written translation

We regularly perform translation (German, English, French and even Chinese - into these and many other languages we translate constantly) both in Moscow and throughout Russia.

Legal documents

This type is the most popular, since it can be of use both to the head of a large firm and ordinary pensioner. It can include a wide range of texts, for example:

  • agreements (lease, subcontract, service, copyright transfer, etc.)
  • personal documents (marriage and birth certificates, passports, bank statements, diploma extracts, etc.)

Here you must not forget about notarization. We provide such a service, and our specialists are aware of all the legal intricacies associated with registration in accordance with the requirements of the notary public. Next

Technical documentation

"The language in the language" - this is how translators call the language of technical documentation, user's guides, manuals to household appliances. Such work must be entrusted only to professional translators, and proofread carefully by editors with extensive experience in this industry. Next

Medical documents and texts

This type of written translation is traditionally considered the most difficult, since the error or mistake in written translation in, for example, the results of laboratory studies can cost a great deal to the patient. It is incredibly important here to strictly adhere to the terminology and avoid phrases with ambiguous interpretation.

Website translation

Website translation (English, of course, is of great popularity here) is one of the youngest, and therefore perhaps the most interesting, because it includes such a thing as localization, i.e. adaptive alignment of texts with the culture of the country. Next

Translation of fiction

This is perhaps the most interesting and, so to speak, unpredictable written translation, because a variety of metaphors, epithets and other copyright stylistic means has no limit here! But this way work is more fun. Many experts that daily translate a bunch of boring technical or legal documentation dream about working on literary texts! Next

General subject

This kind combines a variety of texts: personal letters, archival documents, articles, etc. Despite the apparent ease, this type conceals many pitfalls. After all, when writing a letter, we are free to use all possible and impossible designs and stylistic devices that have to be taken into account. Next

Urgent translations

Each language is difficult in its own way. For example, the written translation of the English language requires consideration of one nuances, and Arabic is about other aspects. That is why conditions of each translation process are discussed with the client individually.

We guarantee confidentiality, and most importantly - the quality of the translation of any subject. We have a tradition to appoint the same specialists for permanent projects from different customers; it provides a unity of style and terminology of all translated texts. Next

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