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Translation from Chinese

translation from Chunese into RussianThe Chinese language nowadays is the most spoken language in the world with more than 1.3 billion speakers. The Chinese language is spoken not only in China, but as well in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, the Philippines and other regions with Chinese communities. It has an official status in China and Singapore.

The Chinese language is very ancient and has a long written history. There are seven dialects in the Chinese language and the official one, which is usually learned by the foreigners and used by the government. It is the dialect of the capital – the Beijing dialect. Standard Mandarin – the form of Chinese known all over the world is based on this dialect.

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As the dialects of the Chinese language differ so dramatically, many linguists consider them to be the separate languages not just the dialects. Such linguistic questions are not the easy one to answer because the dialects of the same language can be differentiated from the different languages only to some degree and there is always the matter of opinion. The Chinese linguists and people are sure that they deal with one single language, Chinese, but the foreigners tend to think that this is a language group.

The Chinese write with hieroglyphs vertically, from top to bottom and right to left across the columns. The hieroglyphs are of pictorial or ideographic origin, but most of them also contain some phonetic parts, which indicate the pronunciation.

Every syllable of a Chinese word consists of a vowel surrounded by consonants and tone, which forms an entire part of any syllable. The number of tones, however differs in the dialects. In the phonological system of standard Mandarin there are 4 tones: high rising, low falling-rising, high falling, high level.

The Latin alphabet is used to transcribe the hieroglyphs of the Chinese language. The transcription is widely used by the learners of Mandarin from abroad and also for the education of the Chinese children who learn to read and write.

Like other languages, Chinese has loan words. Mostly, when there is a need to introduce a new word to the language, the method of calque is used. The new meaning is created by combining the existing morphemes. For example, the Chinese word for "television" literally means "electric vision" and the word "computer" – "electric brain".

This encyclopedic knowledge is just a tiny part of our translators' profound linguistic competence. Our translators practiced Mandarin in China and have become true specialists of the language who can work with the texts of different topics.

Let your texts be translated by the professionals of our agency, as the mistakes in Chinese can lead to an unexpected result: comic sometimes but sometimes rather tragical.

If you would like to order a translation of a long and difficult text, we may offer you a free sample translation of a text fragment of up to 300 hieroglyphs.

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