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Payment terms

Save money on your translations!

Making translation services more affordable is not a brand-new invention. But we, at "Express" translation agency, know perfectly well that your translation budget determines the choice of supplier, in many cases.

We have designed a new type of translation service comprised of translation work performed by professional translators and proofreading done by experienced specialists. The quality of translations is achieved through meeting the customer's requirements. The final translations cost depends on three factors: 1) the language, 2) the scope of work (number of words, additional services provided), 3) text complexity level. The last one often has larger influence on quoting text materials.

Work speed depends on the length of your document and text complexity level. Upon receipt of your document we set a deadline which nevertheless may be shifted due to objective reasons that are sure to be agreed with the customer beforehand.

Quality vs Low cost

You don't have to choose. Our pricing guideline prevents us from charging extra money for services that are not needed. Upon quoting your text we ask our customers to fill a simple form where they are to tick necessary options and to describe where the translation would go. For example, if you need a translation for home usage at your company then you may do without text formatting and proofreading – which will save both time for translation work and money spent. A simple rule to make our work faster and the price you pay lower. You don't pay for the work you don't need.

Payment terms and conditions

We provide prepaid services for new clients but as we get to know each other closer we offer a more flexible payment schedule. For large-scope works we offer discounts which differ monthly and are calculated upon receipt of your document.

You can contact our project manager at any time via Skype, ICQ, phone or e-mail to find out the most convenient method of payment.

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