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Translation from Italian

translation from Italian into RussianThe Italian language is spoken by about 140 million people in the world and for 70 million it is native. Most of the speakers of the Italian language live in Italy, San Marino and some regions of France and Switzerland. There are also some speakers in the African countries of Lybia and Eritrea, which are the former Italian colonies. The Italian speaking immigrants are found in the USA, Canada and Western Europe. The Italian is the 5th most taught foreign language in the world, mostly it is learned by the people who already speak one or two foreign languages.

The Italian language has an official status in Italy and is one of the official languages in Switzerland (together with German, French and  Romansh). Besides, it is the official language of San Marino and of Vatican.

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The Italian language belongs to the Romance group, is the descendant of Latin and closely relates to French, Spanish, Romanian. Italian derived most of its vocabulary from Latin.

The first written examples of the Italian language date to the 10th century, when the Italian started to differentiate from Vulgar Latin. Dante Alighieri is the first well-known Italian writer of the 14th  century. The language of his works is the mixture of the southern Italian dialects which became later the basis for the standardized language.

The dialects of Italian seem to be as old as the language itself as every city district was relatively independent. The dialects differ mainly in pronunciation. The dialects of the Northern Italy had been influenced more by the foreign languages than the Southern dialects. The Florence dialect was earlier the language of the Florentine aristocracy, and in the Renaissance time it gained popularity in the European society as the language of art and culture. The Florence dialect is the base for the modern Standard Italian language.

The Spain invasion and Napoleon invasion are the most important events for the history of the Italian language, which was influenced correspondingly by Spanish and French.

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