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Translation from English

translation from English into Russian“Express” translation agency makes written translation from English into Russian language texts on different topics: we are ready to translate medical texts and advertisements, commercial offers, business documentation, a catalog of your company's production and other texts. The translations from English into Russian are the most popular, much more popular than translations to all the other European languages. The specialists of our agency have accumulated profound experience in work with English texts.

The cost of translation from English into Russian

Up to 75 pages от 440р
Over 75 pages от 420р

The cost of translation into the English language

Up to 75 pages от 460р
Over 75 pages от 440р

The English language belongs to the Germanic family, it is an Indo-European language. Like all the Germanic languages, English has a rich verbal system, which includes usage of modal verbs, division into strong verbs and weak verbs. The closest languages to English are Scots language, Frisian, Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

English is closer to the Scots language than to other languages mentioned above, because of the natural isolation of England on the isles. That's why English and Scots developed independently from other Germanic languages spoken in the continent.

The English language arose in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Then, because of the power and the political influence of the British Empire it spread to the British colonies and other countries. The English language nowadays is the key-language of cross cultural communication and is often used by people to whom it is not native. English is taught in schools and institutes of higher education all over the world. The official status of the English language is recognized in European Union and in many Commonwealth countries. It is used as one of the six official languages of the UNO and in many other world organizations.

The word “English” comes from the name of the the tribe – Angles. Like many European languages, English borrowed most words from Latin, as the Latin language was wide-spread in Europe among learned people and it was the language of church and intellectual life.

Also, English was influenced by French, due to intensive political and economical contacts with France.

The modern English has an impressive number of the words: according to the Oxford English Dictionary it is more than 500,000 – more than any other language in the world.

English is used worldwide as an international language, it is used in international diplomacy, radio, mass media, business, science, medicine, aviation. In the earlier times, English was supported by the power of British Empire, nowadays it is supported by influence of USA and other English speaking countries, including Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria and others.

English is a native language to 309–400 million people and is spoken (more or less) as a second language by 199–1,400 millions. This great number of speakers is explained by the fact that at least basic knowledge of English is required for work in many fields worldwide.

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