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Translation from Tajik

translation from Tajik into RussianThe Tajik language has an official status in Tajikistan. It is closely related to Persian and wasn't differentiated from it until the 20th century. Even the Tajiks themselves used to call their mother tongue "Forsi", which means "Persian". The separation from Persian occurred due to the geographical position of Tajikistan, surrounded by mountains. The influence of the other languages (Russian, Uzbek) moved Tajik away from Persian.

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Samarkand and Bukhara are the most important Tajik-speaking cities which are situated in Uzbekistan. Their population are ethnically Tajiks but most of them prefer to be identified as Uzbeks. Other large groups of the Tajik speakers are found in Uzbekistan alongside the Tajikistan border and in Northern Afghanistan. The Afghanistan dialect of Tajik is often called “Dari” and uses the Perso-Arabic script. A vast number of Tajiks live nowadays in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The dialects of the Tajik language can be divided into four groups: Central dialects, Southern dialects, Northern dialects, Southeastern dialects.

The original writing system of the language is the Persian script, but, like other languages of the Soviet Union, Tajik switched first to the Latin alphabet and then to Cyrillic. The modern Tajik language normally uses the modified Cyrillic alphabet, with the exception of the native Bukharian Jews group who use the Hebrew alphabet for writing in Tajik. The government of Tagikistan has plans of switching back to their original Persian script, but the reform is postponed.

There is no grammatical category of gender, but there is a category of number. If there is a need to mark some object with gender, special modifiers are added to it. For some words denoting animated creatures two variants differentiating the gender exist. The nouns in Tajik can be either in singular or in plural form, which is easily formed by adding a suffix.

The vocabulary of the Tajik language is stable and tends to avoid the word borrowing. The reform of the language replaces the borrowed terms with existing Tajik equivalents or with the newly-constructed words. This reform aims to achieve the purity of the language but it also leads to the decline of the mutually intelligibility level with other Persian languages.

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