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Translation from German

translation from German into RussianGerman belongs to Germanic group of languages, together with Dutch and English. German language has the biggest number of native speakers than other languages of the EU. There are about 120 million people in the world, to whom German is a mother tongue, and about 80 million people who speak German as a foreign language. It is one of the most popular languages to be learned in schools and institutes.

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Most of the German speakers live in Europe – in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. The majority of the population in these countries speak German as a native language. There are also some regions in the North of Italy, the East of Belgium, and in some French provinces, where we may find German speaking groups.

German language is also spoken outside of Europe – in the USA and Canada, mostly by German immigrants. However, it looses its popularity as most of the descendants don't speak the language of their parents and only learn English. Namibia, the former German colony, still has a significant number of German speakers and some German educational establishments.

German language developed from a dialect of Old Saxon in the 6th AD. It obtained a written form in the earlier times.

German language has a status of an official language in Germany, but it is not the only official language of this country, as it shares its status with Sorbian, Frisian and Danish – languages of the national minority groups. It also shares an official status with other languages in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg.

It has a local official status in some provinces in Italy, Hungary and Romania.

German language, therefore, doesn't only have the largest number of native speakers in Europe, but it is also the most popular second language for Europeans.

It is rather popular to learn German in  English-speaking countries, it is at the third place after Spanish and French.

The German orthography has recently been reformed and the society's reaction to this reform is rather controversial, some states don't accept the changes.

Most of the words in German language are genuinely Germanic, but of course there are also some borrowings from Latin and Greek. The recent borrowings come from French and English.

The German government takes measures to promote the German language. The is a famous Goethe Institute, which aims to popularize German language and German culture abroad. They make conferences and organize courses of German.

Translation agency «Express» provides translation services from and to German of the texts on different topics. German has  long and rich historical and cultural heritage, so entrust your German texts to the professionals who know all the difficulties and peculiarities of the language.

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