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Translation from Greek

translation from Greek into RussianThe Greek language belongs to the Indo-European family of languages, but it doesn't have any closely related languages. Armenian and the Indo-Iranian languages are the closest ones to Greek, but they belong to different language families.

Greek is considered to be the oldest of the Indo-European languages, and it has the oldest written records. The writing system of the language uses the unique Greek alphabet, the oldest of the European aplphabets and the base for the Latin and the Cyrillic writing systems.

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The Greek language is supported by the influence and importance of the literature, such works as Iliad and Odyssey, Platonic dialogues and other works by the ancient Greek poets and philosophers. The Greek language was among the first languages of international communication in the ancient times, it was the language of trade and  navigation, science, culture and religion.

The modern Greek language is one of the official languages of the EU and it has an official status in Greece and in Cyprus. Some Greek-speaking communities can be found in Italy, Albania and Armenia. Nowadays, there are about 13 million Greek speakers in the world.

The Greek pronouns have categories of person, number, gender and case. Nouns, adjectives, articles also have the same  categories with the exception of the category of person. As in other languages, adjectives agree with nouns and pronouns in case, gender and number. The Greek verbal system is characterized by the categories of mood, number, aspect, person, tense and voice.

The general number of grammatical categories in the Modern Greek language decreased in comparison with the  Ancient Greek. The Modern Greek language lost optative mood, dual number, future tense (which is now expressed non-grammatically). Most of the Modern Greek vocabulary was inherited from the Ancient Greek language. Some loan words came from Latin, Turkish, Venetian in the ancient times. As for the modern borrowings, they mainly come from English and French.

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