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Translation from Uzbek

translation from Uzbek into RussianThe Uzbek language belongs to the Turkic group and is related to Turkish, Azeri, Turkmen, Uyghur. It has a status of the official language in Uzbekistan, so it is used by the government, mass media, cultural establishments and educational system. Most of the schools and institutes of higher education give lessons in Uzbek language.

There is a significant number of word borrowings from Persian, Tajic, Dari, Russian and Arabic. The Uzbek language was influenced by Islam and Arabic culture in the earlier times and later it was influenced by the Russian language and culture, as Russia hold control over Uzbekistan in the tzar times and in the Soviet times.

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It is thought that the Uzbek language is a descendant of Chagatay, the language which was spoken by the Turkic tribes in the Central Asia.

Originally, the Uzbek language used the Arabic script for writing, but then the Uzbeks in the early times of Soviet Union were forced to change it to the Latin alphabet, like other Turkic languages. Then, in 1940, there was another unification and Uzbek, like other languages of Soviet Union was switched to Cyrillic. The reason for such changes was that it would be easier to use the same alphabet for several languages for the sake of mass media, book publishing and education. In the modern Uzbekistan they are in the process of switching back to the Latin script, but the Cyrillic alphabet is still in use. Besides, in modern Uzbekistan they learn again their original Arabic script.

The Uzbek language is agglutinative, which means that special affixes are added to a word to indicate its grammatical form. Usually separate affixes are used for each grammatical category – case and number. The verbal system is characterized by the use of tense, aspect, mood. The verbs in Uzbek also have the category of number and they agree with nouns in it.

The usual word order in Uzbek is when the subject goes first, then the object, and after it the predicate, it is the so-called Subject – Object - Verb word order and it is typical for the languages of the Turkic group.

The phonological system of the language includes 25 consonants and 10 vowels. The vowels in the word should harmonize with each other – so the same phonological types of vowels should be used in the affix and the stem.

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