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Translation from Ukrainian

translation from Ukrainian into RussianUkrainian belongs to the Slavic group, East Slavic subgroup of the languages. It closely relates to Belorussian and Russian. In most cases the speakers of these languages can understand each other without a dictionary.

The first theory concerning the origin of the Ukrainian language, is by the great Russian scientist Lomonosov, supposes that both Russian and Ukrainian come from one common Proto-Slavic language and the difference between them is explained by the fact that the Ukrainian language was influenced by Polish and Turkic and Russian was influenced by Finno-Ugric languages. But this theory was criticized because some of the most important and prominent differences between Russian and Ukrainian can't be explained by Polish or Finno-Ugric influences.

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The theory which appeared later also supposes the existence of a common language for Ukrainian, Russian and Belorussian, but the differences between the languages are seen as a result of several factors, not only the Polonization of Ukraine. A different theory appeared in modern Ukraine, struggling for its culture independence and originality. This theory says that no common Proto-Slavic language ever existed and the Ukrainian language is the result of the convergence of several old Ukrainian dialects. So, the idea is that the Ukrainian language appeared and developed independently from Russian. This theory, however, is not supported by the linguists outside Ukraine.

Some linguists believe that Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian are the dialects of the same language, because they are mutually intelligible by the speakers, but most linguists consider them to be separate languages with the common origin.

Ukrainian is the official state language in Ukraine and its status gets a significant governmental support. The Ukrainian is the only language which can be officially used by the Ukrainian educational system and the state media. The Ukrainian language obtained this degree of importance only after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the changes have been very sharp and quick, as in the Soviet times, the Russian language had the dominant position. Nowadays it is still in intensive use, but the government forces people to use Ukrainian.

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