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Translation from Georgian

translation from Georgian into RussianGeorgian language is the official language of Georgia and is spoken by about 4 million people. It is one of the primary languages in the Caucasus and serves as a language for literary and business use. The Georgian-speaking communities are found in the USA, Russia, Turkey, Israel. The language belongs to the South Caucasian language family and is closely related to Mingrelian, Laz, Svan.

There is a separate language called Judaeo-Georgian, it belongs to the Jewish language group but shares some common features with Georgian. This language is spoken in Israel and Georgia.

The cost of translation from Georgian into Russian

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The cost of translation into the Georgian language

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Georgian writing system is very old and unique – the language employs an original alphabet. Georgian alphabet was created by the King Kartli in the 3rd century BC but the first found written proof of it dates to the 5th century AD. The linguists believe that the Georgian language developed with the influence of Greek alphabet from the Aramaic script. The Georgian alphabet became popular with the higher Georgian society influenced by Christianity. The language soon obtained its literary form and many Georgian texts date to the early Christian period.

The Georgian alphabet has 33 letters corresponding to the Georgian language sounds. The writing system was modified many times and nowadays 3 different versions of the Georgian alphabet exist. One of them only has the capital letters, the second only has the small letters so the alphabets are used together. Those two alphabets are used in the Orthodox religious texts. The third variant, combining the small letters with some of the capital-like letters is in use in modern Georgian.

The ancestor of the Georgian language existed since more than two thousand years BC and is firstly mentioned in the 2nd century AD in a work of Marcus Cornelius Fronto.

Georgian language belongs to the group of agglutinative languages and employs affixes for the word and form formation. The noun system of the Georgian has the category of case but doesn't have the category of gender. The usual word order in Georgian is Subject-Object-Verb. In a phrase the adjectives usually follow the noun.

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