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Translation of websites

Companies sometimes make spontaneous and accidental decisions when faces a need of translation of its website. Some want to translate website just because it may rise their kudos, others try to chase their competitors which have already translated their website and fewer realize that translations of a website is a step to new market and an opportunity to get new customers and alternatives.

Website translation is far more complicated and interesting than you might expect. It is not only about translation from one language to another while navigation, visual design and multimedia content should also be translated. They must be translated so that they will match the tastes of foreign auditory, which means that language and cultural peculiarities are to be reckoned with. Of utmost importance is promotional campaign for the foreign-language version of a website - no earlier will the translation make any sense. Promotion implies scrupulous selection of key words (it must certainly be a selection with regard to language peculiarities, not simply a translation of already selected words) drawing up of annotations, announcements and ads for publication on the Internet and many other steps which you have already performed for your native version of website.

We realize that our customer`s business depends on how accurately the website is translated so we do our best – in website translations we practice the precision of legal translations and courtesy of fiction translations. Today practically every translation agency offer website translation. However, high language skills are not enough and technical aspects like HTML, CSS and search engine work principles should also be observed and translators often lack such technical knowledge.

Website translation prices

We offer advantageous tariffs for website translation and localization. For example, €0,025 per word for English and €0,06 for Chinese. For other languages see “Pricing”.

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