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Translation from French

translation from French into Russian«Express» translation agency makes written translation from French into Russian language of the texts on different topics: we are ready to translate medical texts and advertisements, commercial offers, business documentation, we can make a catalog of your company's production and other texts. Russian-French translations are among the popular ones and our translators often deal with market researches, ecology and industry articles and financial documents.

French language belongs to Roman group of languages (which includes Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and others). About 130 million people speak it worldwide as a mother tongue and also about 190 million can speak it as a second language. Most of the speakers, for whom French is a mother tongue, live in France, the motherland of the language. There are some native speakers in other European countries: Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg.  Also, quite a lot of French native speakers live in French-speaking Canadian colonies: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and in some states in USA: Maine and Louisiana.

The cost of translation from French into Russian

Up to 75 pages от 400р
Over 75 pages от 380р

The cost of translation into the French language

Up to 75 pages от 440р
Over 75 pages от 415р

French is the official language of France, Haiti, Luxembourg and some African countries (former French colonies). It has a status of a language of international communication and is used as one of the six official languages of the UNO. It is very popular to study French language and it is taught at schools and institutes of higher education all over the world.

French language, as we see it today is a result of a long history full of wars and invasions. In different times it was invaded by  Greeks, Germanic tribes, Celts, Romans,  Franks and others. Even the name of the country, France, comes from “Franks” - the name of the Germanic tribes which once came to France and became dominant people. The people of this tribe spoke a different language, belonging to Germanic group and they added a lot of their words to the late Latin, which was spoken in France at this time.  

The lexis of the Latin language comes mainly from Vulgar Latin, but there are also a bulk of words which came from Classical Latin and Greek.  And of course, there are quite  a number of late borrowings from other European languages. Other languages as well have borrowed French lexis, mainly words denoting dishes, clothes, diplomatic terms.

French language is spoken in many countries of the world, even in the countries where it doesn't have any official or administrative status. This phenomenon is called frankofonia – a trace of rich and famous past of France.

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