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Translation from Turkish

translation from Turkish into RussianThe Turkish language belongs to the Oghuz language group of the Turkic language family. It is closely related to Gagaus and Azeri, whith which it is mutually intelligible. All the languages of the Turkic family share some common features: agglutination, vowel harmony and the absence of the category of gender.

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Turkish is spoken by about 77 million people, most of whom live in Turkey. Some Turkish-speaking group can also be found in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Iraq, Greece. The Turkish language has an official status in Turkey and Cyprus and in some areas of Kosovo and Macedonia.

The syntax of the Turkish language is characterized by the following word order: subject, then object, then verb (the SOV word order).

Initially, the Ottoman script was used as writing system by the Turkish language, but it was replaced by the modified Latin alphabet. Some special characters were added to the alphabet for the specific Turkish sounds. The switching to the Latin alphabet caused the significant increase of the number of literate people.

The Turkish language has a lot of loanwords borrowed from Arabic and Persian but the Turkish Language Association struggles for the purity of the language and tries to get rid of the loanwords. They construct new words with the Turkish roots or revive words from the Old Turkish to replace the borrowed words. Such changes involve so many words that the speakers may sometimes experience difficulties in understanding each other. Modern Turkish also avoids word borrowing: when there is a need for a new word they construct one from the existing morphemes.

Turkish belongs to the group of the agglutinative languages and it employs affixes for the construction of the new words or grammatical forms. The Turkish system of nouns has the category of case and number. The category of gender is absent in the language. Adjectives in the Turkish language don't decline. The verbs in Turkish show tense and aspect.

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