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Translation from Romanian/Moldovian

translation from Romanian into RussianMoldovan (or Moldovian, as it is also called) is the official language of Moldova. In fact, Romanian and Moldovan are identical but for some political reasons the language is called Romanian in the territory of Romania and Moldovan in Moldova. The researches concerning the difference between Moldovan and Romanian can't provide any strong proof for differentiating the languages. The difference between Moldovan and Romanian only includes some lexis and excludes grammatics, so the identity of the language is evident.

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Moldavian and Romanian can only be called closely related dialects of the same language. The term "Moldavian" is not found in most of the European linguistic works and classifications and the term "Romanian" is used to indicate the language. However, the Moldavians believe that they do have a right to call their language Moldovan.

The Moldovan language belongs to the Eastern Roman language group. Moldovan is the descendant of Vulgar Latin and is related to other languages which derived from it.

The language normally uses the Latin script, but the Cyrillic form of script also exists and it was used earlier. The original writing system of Moldovan is called the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet. Then, in the 19th century they switched to the Latin alphabet but eventually, under the pressure of the Soviet Union they started to use the Cyrillic script again. It was modified then and is known as the new Moldovan Cyrillic alphabet. They still write in Cyrillic script in Transnistria, the breakaway region, where Ukrainian and Russian languages are also spoken. On the rest territory of Moldova they adopted the Latin alphabet again. Russia and the Russian language had great influence on the Moldovan language. The usage of the Cyrillic script, for example, can be explained by the long periods of the Russian rule in Moldavian history.

There are several dialects of Moldovan – the one spoken in Moldavia differs from the Moldavian language spoken in Bucharest or Budjak region of Ukraine.

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