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Translation from Portuguese

translation from Portuguese into RussianThe Portuguese language belongs to the Romance group of languages. Portuguese has been developed from the Galician-Portuguese language which is descended from Latin.

In the course of history, and especially in the time of the Portuguese reconquista the Portuguese language adopted some features of Arabic and other Romance languages spoken in the conquered countries. The language began spreading over the world with the establishing of the Portuguese colonial empire in the 15th century (which existed up to the end of the 20th century). So, the Portuguese colonization allowed the language to be spoken in South America, some parts of India, China, Africa and South-East Asia. Thus, many creole languages appeared in different parts of the world on the basis of Portuguese and many other minor languages were influenced by Portuguese.

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Portuguese has about 250 million speakers (native speakers consist the major part), so it can be named one of the most popular languages in the world. According to the different sources, it is the fifth to seventh most spoken language in the world. Also, Portuguese is ranked the most widely spoken language in the southern hemisphere. In the Western world it occupies the third position according to popularity and besides it is the only language spoken in contemporary Western world with over a 100 million people with two official spelling systems.

The modern Portuguese language can be named the real lingua franca. Major part of the former Portuguese colonies speaks Portuguese: today it is the official language in nine countries. The geographic distribution of the language is very wide: modern Portuguese speakers live in Africa, Asia, Europe, both Americas and Canada and also in Oceania. Over half of the population of South America speaks Portuguese. Of course, such a wide-spread and popular language must have several variants: the contemporary Portuguese exists in the form of several dialects and sub-dialects, considerably differing from each other. The language has also two standards – European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

The phonological system of the language is very harmonious and similar to French or Catalan phonologies. Portuguese is a very poetic and euphonic language. On the other hand, the grammatical structure and vocabulary resemble Spanish to great extent.

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