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Translation from Polish

translation from Polish into Russian«Express» translation agency makes written translations from Polish into Russian language of the texts on different topics: we are ready to translate everything – from personal letters to technical texts, from business documentation to colorful advertisements.

Polish language belongs to Slavic group and is closely related to Czech, Slovak, and Sorbian. It has a lot in common with other Slavic languages, for example it has 50% of the common vocabulary with Russian and can be easily enough learned by Russians or Ukrainians. Many words of its vocabulary developed in  a different way than those of other Slavic languages or were borrowed from English, German or French.  Most of the borrowed words changed their orthography.

The cost of translation from Polish into Russian

Up to 75 pages от 470р
Over 75 pages от 445р

The cost of translation into the Polish language

Up to 75 pages от 590р
Over 75 pages от 560р

The Polish language has developed and changed a lot for the past several centuries and it will hardly be possible for a speaker of modern Polish to read  a text from 13-14th century without using a dictionary.

Polish language has an official status in Poland, where it is native to 97% of the population. Poland  is now a member of European Union and is one of the biggest and the most significant countries in Eastern Europe. Polish  language, because of migration and political affairs is also used by some groups of the population in Russia, Lithuania, Belarus. Polish language has a rich literature and it has the 3rd number of speakers among Slavic languages, after Russian and Ukrainian. The total number of Polish speakers in the world is 50 million people.

Polish language uses Latin alphabet with some diacritics, which were designed to fit the language better.

Like other Slavic languages, Polish nouns have categories of case, number, gender, personhood, animacy. There are no articles in Polish language.

Polish verbs agree with nouns in gender, number and person. The verbs in Polish language have categories of tense, mood, voice and aspect.

The word order in Polish is changeable, but there is a common way of how the words are used in the sentence. Sometimes it is possible to omit the subject or a predicate if the sense of the sentence will still be well-understood from the context. Anyway, changes in the word order or omission a member of a sentence can be  grammatically correct but change a shade of the sentence meaning.

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