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Translation from Mongolian

translation from Mongolian into RussianThe Mongolian language is spoken by about 5.7 million speakers, who live mainly in Mongolia or in China. In Mongolia it has an official status and it is co-official in the Inner Mongolia region of China. Mongolian belongs to the Mongolic group of the Altaic language family.

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In the Mongolian phonological system there are long and short vowels and vowel harmony. It means that the vowels are divided into groups (front, back, neutral – depending of the place of their  articulation) and every word must include only the vowels of the same group. The compound words, however, may consist of the parts with different harmony but the vowels inside each part shall nevertheless belong to the same group.

The pronunciation of a vowel depends on the position in the word. The stress in Mongolian depends on the syllable structure and is non-phonemic.

The Mongolian language belongs to the group of the agglutinative languages and the forms of the words or new words are formed with the use of affixes. Mostly suffixes are used in the Mongolian language. There is a category of case in Mongolian. As for the personal pronouns, they have the category of person and can be either of the 1st or of the 2nd person. For the 3rd person demonstrative pronouns are used.

The syntax of the Mongolian language is characterized by several points: in the noun phrase the noun proceeds the attributes, but if an attribute  has a form of a phrase, then the noun follows it. In the verbal phrase the compliments precede the predicate. The verbal phrase may include a noun and an adjective with a predicative meaning but usually it consists of a verb and its compliments.

In the earlier times the Mongolian language borrowed some words from Chinese, Tibetan, Persian, Old Turkic and Sanskrit. Modern loanwords are adopted from Chinese, English and Russian.

The original writing of the Mongolian language is the Mongolian script which is probably a modified form of the Uyghur script. Then the Mongolians switched to the Latin alphabet and later to the Cyrillic alphabet. The government supported the Cyrillic script usage and promoted it to the population in order to raise the literacy rate. The government succeeded in it but eventually, in the 90-s they made an attempt to revive the traditional script. The attempt failed, however, because of the popular resistance.

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