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Translation from Latvian

translation from Latvian into RussianLatvian language (or Lettish, as it is called sometimes) belongs to Baltic group and is closely related to Old Prussian and Lithuanian. Most of the Latvian speakers (1.4 million people) live in Latvia, where it has a status of official language. In Latvia the Lettish was acquired by immigrants from former Soviet Union and national minorities.

The language policy of Latvian government implied special measures to support the Latvian language and to promote it to the immigrants. After the collapse of Soviet Union, the Latvian language became the only one to be used by mass media and in public sector as it is the only language which has an official status in Latvia. The popularity of Russian language was reduced significantly.

The cost of translation from Latvian into Russian

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The cost of translation into the Latvian language

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Over 75 pages 720

It is obligatory to speak fluent Latvian to make a career in Latvia. Some Latvian speakers can be found in Russia, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia and Belarus. The total number of the Latvian speakers in the world is about 1.5 million people.

The earliest written text in Lettish is a catechism, which was printed in 16th century. In 17th century appeared the first dictionary of Latvian language. At that time a form of Fractur alphabet was used in Lettish language, but it was not suitable for the phonological system of the language. So, at the beginning of the 20th century a special alphabet on the base of Latin letters with diacritics was designed for Latvian language.

Latvian and Lithuanian until the 8th century were considered to be dialects of the same language, which later developed independently. Latvian language was influenced by German language, because for quite a long time Latvian lands were dependent on German barons. Besides, Latvian lexis has a trace of Eastern Slavic languages.

Nowadays Latvian philologists struggle for the purity of the language and try to get rid of the borrowed Russian and English words. They invent new Latvian terms instead of the existing international ones and try to popularize the use of the new terms. Such actions are not always appreciated by the society, as most people believe that inventing of the new terms is useless and only makes the international communication more difficult.

In order to popularize the proper use of Latvian language, State Language Center organizes a special event where they collect amusing and unusual mistakes. Most of such mistakes occurred due to grammatical, stylistic and vocabulary mistakes in translation. According to the State Language Center the greatest source of the most amusing mistakes are Russian and Lithuanian speakers.

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