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Translation from Kazakh

translation from Kazakh into RussianThe Kazakh language belongs to the Turkic group and is closely related to such languages as Karakalpak, Kyrgyz, Nogai and other Asian languages.

Kazakh has the status of the official state language in Kazakhstan. The Kazakhs constitute the main part of the Kazakh speakers and most of them live in Kazakhstan (10 million native speakers, according to the CIA World Factbook).

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Though the area in which the Kazakh speakers live is rather vast, large groups of them can be found in Mongolia, Uzbekistan and other regions of Central Asia, as well as in Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Some minor groups can also be found in the European countries and they consist mostly of the Turkish and the Kazakh immigrants. According to the different sources the today's number of the Kazakh speakers in Russia is about 600,000 people.

As for the Kazakh alphabet, it has been changed several times. The Arabic script was employed up to the beginning of the 20th century, then the Latin script was officially used for about ten years. The modern Kazakh alphabet uses the Cyrillic script (since 1940) and consists of 42 letters. The issue of replacement of the Cyrillic script back to the Latin script was on agenda in 2006-2007, but the Kazakh government finally decided not to hurry with such an important transformation.

The Kazakh language belongs to the group of the agglutinative languages. This means that the language tends to form words with the help of so-called agglutination (i.e. by putting many elements together into complex words and adding different affixes which indicate the grammatical category of the word) instead of using inflection or isolated elements.

Tongue-root vowel harmony can be observed in the Kazakh language. However some loan words mostly of Arabic or Russian origin do not exhibit such vowel harmony. The system of rounding harmony also exists in Kazakh, though in fact it is not reflected in the orthography and is not such developed as in the Kyrgyz language.

The phonetic structure of Kazakh is the following: it has 18 consonant phonemes and nine phonemic vowels (including three diphthongs). There is a tendency in Kazakh that occurs in many other modern languages: many of the sounds appear as allophones of the main phonemes or they appear only in the words that were recently borrowed.

One of the most distinctive features of the Kazakh language is that it has no prepositions. There are special affixes that play the role of prepositions. There is no grammatical category of gender, so while translating the Kazakh text one should be very attentive to the context and the meaning of the sentence.

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