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Translation from Hungarian

translation from Hungarian into RussianHungarian belongs to the Ugric group of the languages. It is a Uralic language spoken by 15 million people in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia, Austria and Israel. The language has an official status in Hungary and it is also one of the 23 official languages of the EU.

The Hungarian language belongs to the small group of spoken in Europe non-Indo-European languages, but at the same time it has a large number of native speakers. This fact makes the language worth studying.

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The history of the Hungarian language dates back to 1000 BC. During its development Hungarian suffered a lot of changes and was influenced by the Turkic language, Latin, German, Italian and some other languages as well.

In the 19th  and 20th centuries there was a strong tendency to bring Hungarian to a more or less standard form. All the dialects of this language are  mutually intelligible today, because the standard dialect is taught in all schools and colleges.

From the grammatical point of view Hungarian is an agglutinative language, so the connection between the words in a sentence is maintained by affixes, suffixes, prefixes and a circumfixes.

Scientists can find more than 230 possible grammatical forms for the nouns in the Hungarian language. There are about eighteen cases for nouns, but there is no grammatical gender. Also you will not find any specific pronouns for such English pronouns as ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘it’

There are three tenses in Hungarian: past, present and future, and four moods: infinitive, indicative, conditional and subjunctive/imperative.

The vocabulary of the Hungarian language is not easy to learn, because more than half of all the words are original. Moreover, you can find that 90 percent of the words used in common speech belong to this group of the original words.

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