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Translation from Hindi

translation from Hindi into RussianThe Hindi consists of many dialects spoken in India, Suriname, Mauritius, Pakistan. There are 22 official languages in India and Hindi is one of them.

There is Standard Hindi, which is in the official use and is learned by the foreigners. Hindi is closely related to Urdu and according to the linguistic data, Urdu is a variant of Hindi. However, due to some political reasons (Urdu is the official language in Pakistan, which is Muslim, not Hindu like India), Hindi and Urdu are considered to be different languages.

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The differences between Hindi and Urdu include the writing system (Devanagari for Hindi and Perso-Arabic script for Urdu), some sounds existing in Urdu and non-existing in Hindi (which in fact are borrowed from Persian) and the loan words. Such differences can't be considered sufficient for separating Hindi and Urdu as the separate languages.

The writing system used by the Hindi language is the Devanagari script. The Devanagari script has a very long history and is of major importance. The script is syllabic, so every syllable, consisting of a vowel and one or more consonants is formed in writing independently. The syllables are connected with a long horizontal line. Some new symbols were added to the Devanagari script to represent additional sounds, which were absent in Hindi but came to the language with some loan words.

Like the Hindi society, Hindi literature divides into several groups, according to the style: devotional literature, literature for beauty, literature about warriors and modern. Many Russians and Europeans got to know India and the Hindi language by the Hindi films and songs. Their influence on the Indian society is also prominent.

The vocabulary of Hindi comes from Sanskrit, the ancient proto-language, and there are a lot of loan words borrowed from Persian. Sanskrit has a long written history and the earliest examples of   writings in Sanskrit are in Vedas, the unique source of ancient hymns and ritual treatises. The Hindi language has a rich heritage left from Classical Sanskrit literature, which includes religious and philosophical texts, epic texts, poetry, works on linguistics.

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