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Translation from German into English

Translation from German into English language are among the popular ones in Europe as both languages are widely-spoken and have large number of speakers.

Usually the clients need to translate the documents to or from their native language but sometimes there is a need to translate a text from one foreign language to another. It goes without saying that translating it with an intermediate language will do little sense as it will be twice more expensive and the probability of getting a wrong translation will be higher. However, most of the translation agencies don't take such orders and only work with the language pairs including the native language of the country they are based at.

The cost of translation from German into English

Up to 75 pages от 510р
Over 75 pages от 490р

The cost of translation from English into German

Up to 75 pages от 510р
Over 75 pages от 490р

Contacting a foreign translation agency also produces a lot of troubles: problems of long-distant communication, high mailing cost, the necessity for a client to speak to or write to a foreigner, time difference, service payment problems. That's why it can be rather difficult for a client to order a direct translation from one foreign language to another.

However, “Express” translation agency is ready to offer you direct translation service from German to English. In Russia, as you know, all the translators with higher education are trained for two foreign languages. Nevertheless finding a real professional German to English translator with solid language background is still difficult and we are proud of the translators working with us.

Now we would like to dwell on linguistic problems of German to English translation and on common mistakes made by translators. We wouldn't take into consideration poor translations made by the learners of English or German, we will only concentrate on the mistakes made by professional German to English translators, who read and understand well and know all the grammar rules and still sometimes don't get the right translation.

The main problem comes from the rich and abundant English vocabulary and the necessity for a translator to choose the right word. The words can be so close in their meaning, almost identical but with impressive stylistic difference. The translation in this case sounds ridiculous even though the meaning is still understood. In the case of any doubt, out translators search the phrase in corpus to make sure the words are used this way.

Another problem for German to English translators (or for English to German) comes from German complex words and the necessity to translate them. Even though their meaning comes from the meaning of the parts, a word can't be translated figuratively, as an established and popular variant of translation already exists. The problem is solved rather easily by consulting a dictionary.

A popular mistake in German to English translation is, like in other translations, malapropism - the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with an amusing effect. This mistake is a result of either translator's ignorance or inattentiveness and the problem is solved by checking and proof-reading.

The problems which we have discussed above are typical for German to English translation but they are also common for other language pairs. And there are means of avoiding them, of course. A translator shall keep in mind that it is always better to render meaning without trying to use the exact words. When choosing an equivalent for a translated term the translator should make sure that the stylistic aspect of a word, as well as its meaning, matches the context. Anyway, if your text presupposes a public use, we will make sure that the translation is checked by a native-speaking translator and is of high quality.

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