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Translation from French into English

Translation from French into English are among the oldest in the world as the relationship between France and England, explained by the geographical position and closeness of the countries is very old. The history of French and English relationship includes periods of war and peace, friendship and confrontation. Anyway, the translation practice from French to English (and vice versa) has long tradition.

Normally the translations of this direction are needed in France and Europe, but they are also popular all over the Europe and are required, sometimes, in other countries of the world.

The cost of translation from French into English

Up to 75 pages от 510р
Over 75 pages от 490р

The cost of translation from English into French

Up to 75 pages от 510р
Over 75 pages от 490р

Usually the clients need to translate the documents to or from their native language but sometimes there is a need to translate a text from one foreign language to another. It goes without saying that translating it with an intermediate language will do little sense as it will be twice more expensive and the probability of getting a wrong translation will be higher. Nevertheless, most of the translation agencies don't take such orders and only work with the language pairs including the native language of the country they are based at. Contacting a foreign translation agency also produces a lot of troubles: problems of long-distant communication, high mailing cost, the necessity for a client to speak to or write to a foreigner, time difference, service payment problems. That's why it can be rather difficult for a client to order a direct translation from one foreign language to another.

However, “Express” translation agency is ready to offer you direct translation service from French to English. In Russia, as you know, all the translators with higher education are trained for two foreign languages and in our agency we work with some who are trained in French and English. Normally they translate from French or English to Russian, but they are also qualified for doing such direct French to English translations.

And, as the French to English translation practice has long tradition, let's discuss some common linguistic difficulties and problems which occur in translation.

The special diacritics (accents) are commonly used by the French language and as they are absent in English they can be sometimes missed in the texts. French vocabulary is rather perfidious for a person who speaks English and French, as many words are similar in spelling but have a different meaning – the so-called “False cognates”. Some words existing both in French and English are derived from the same root and even have the same meaning. That lulls the translator's vigilance but, alas... the words are different in spelling. And of course, an English idiom won't be formed in the same way in French. Even if an idiom with a similar meaning exists it may consist of totally different words.

One of the most difficult things in the French grammar for every foreigner (especially for an English-speaker) is the necessity to agree the words: nouns must agree with the adjectives and pronouns, verbs must agree with the noun phrase. The subjunctive mood of the French language can sometimes be difficult for translators, as in English, for example, this category is not used so often.

The grammatical category of gender also makes obstacles for a beginner in translation. The word order in French differs from the English word order and even though it doesn't usually make the translation erroneous, the translated sentence may sound awkward and unnatural because of that.

The problems of French to English translation are easily solved by the experienced professional translators working with our agency. Besides, our work is organized in a way when every document and text is given enough time and attention. The translation checking and proof-reading is an eternal part of any translation project made by our agency.

Why is the translation from French to English so inexpensive? We have profitable rates and special offers!

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