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Translation from Estonian

translation from Estonian into RussianThe Estonian language, unlike English or Spanish is not an Indo-European language as it belongs to the Uralic language group. That's why it is not similar to most of the European languages, but it is closely related to Finnish, which also belongs to the same group.

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However, Estonian and Finnish languages differ a lot in vocabulary, as Finnish borrowed a lot of Swedish words and Estonian has a plenty of loan words from German, English, Latin and Russian. Despite of that, the Estonians and the Finnish speakers can normally understand each other.

The Estonians are often considered to be slow and may be it is because of their language: only in Estonian the phonemes have three degrees of length. Both vowels and consonants can be short, long or overlong, creating a unique melody of the language, which can really sound a bit slow for the foreigners.

The first written document in Estonian belongs to the 13th century. But the most significant pieces of the Estonian literature belong to the 19th century and are connected with the name of Kristian Jaak Peterson. The other well-known Estonian writers are Jaan Kross and Jaan Kaplinski.

There are two groups of dialects in Estonian: the dialects of the South, and the dialects of the North. The Southern dialects are associated with the city of Tartu and the Northern – with Tallin. Besides, there is a separate dialect in the North-East of Estonia. The Estonian language uses a slightly modified Latin alphabet, which also contains some letters with diacritics. Most of the Estonian words have their first syllable stressed, but the exceptions, of course, exist.

Estonian is an agglutinating language, which means that the special affixes are added to a word to form a meaning of some grammatical category. The noun system of the Estonian language has the category of case (and there are 14 of them) and number. Usually nouns and adjectives agree in number.

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