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Translation from Ukrainian into English

Translations from Ukrainian into English are not among the most popular ones in Russia but the number of such orders is constantly growing, due to the policy of the Ukrainian government willing to promote the use of the Ukrainian language. There are not many certified English to Ukrainian translators in Russia, but there is a great number of professional translators from English to Russian whose native language is Ukrainian.

The cost of translation from Ukrainian into English

Up to 75 pages от 500р
Over 75 pages от 480р

The cost of translation from English into Ukrainian

Up to 75 pages от 500р
Over 75 pages от 480р

Usually the clients need to translate the documents to or from their native language but sometimes there is a need to translate a text from one foreign language to another. It goes without saying that translating it with an intermediate language will do little sense as it will be twice more expensive and the probability of getting a wrong translation will be higher. However, most of the translation agencies don't take such orders and only work with the language pairs including the native language of the country they are based at. Contacting a foreign translation agency also produces a lot of troubles: problems of long-distant communication, high mailing cost, the necessity for a client to speak to or write in a foreign language, time difference, service payment problems. That's why it can be rather difficult for a client to order a direct translation from one foreign language to another.

However, “Express” translation agency is ready to offer you direct translation services from English to Ukrainian. Our agency is based in Russia and we have some native Ukrainian speaking translators available.

Because of the high level of similarity between Russian and Ukrainian, translation from English to Ukrainian has almost the same difficulties as translation from English to Russian. For example, English to Ukrainian translators have to deal with the fact that that there are much less grammatical tenses in Ukrainian than in English, that the word order is different, the syntactical structure of an English sentence can be sometimes ambiguous and sometimes it is difficult to choose the right word from the rich vocabulary. But all this problems are easily solved by the professional translators working in our agency.

The English to Ukrainian translations are done either by the native-speaking Ukrainian translators or by native-speaking Russian translators speaking English and Ukrainian. If the text translation is going to be published in a web-site or printed for a public use, we will make sure that the translation is checked and the proof-reading is done by a native-speaking translator so that the translation is not just correct but is natural and beautiful. 

Why is the translation from English to Ukrainian so inexpensive? We have profitable rates and special offers!

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