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Translation from Czech

translation from Czech into RussianCzech is the official language of the Czech Republic and is also spoken by the Czech communities in Austria, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia. There are about 12 million native speakers of Czech.In the Czech republic the Czech language has a legal and governmental support, for example all the commercial signs and instructions must be in Czech or have a Czech translation.

The Czech language belongs to the West Slavic group and is closely related to Slovak, Polish and Sorbian, with which it is mutually intelligible.The Czechs learn English and German as a foreign language. Russian language was popular before the collapse of the Soviet Union, but now it is known mainly by the older generation.

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Like other Slavic languages, Czech originated from the ancient Slavonic. The first written evidence of the existence of the Czech language comes from the 12th century but the spoken language existed before that – from the time of the divergence of the ancient Slavonic.

There are two main dialects of the Czech language: the first one is the Bohemian dialect, the second variant is the dialect of Silesia and Moravia. The dialects only have some slight differences, mostly in pronunciation. However, there is a difference in vocabulary usage and even grammar between the written variant of the language and the spoken variant.

There is also a difference between "Standard Czech" – the official language, which is used by government, education and mass media and "Common Czech" – the colloquial variant for everyday conversation.

The first syllable is always stressed in the Czech language. In the declarative sentences the intonation is declining, as well as in special questions. But the yes\no questions have rising intonation. Writing and reading in Czech are rather easy as it is based on the phonetic principle. The Czech language uses Latin alphabet with diacritics, which are used to indicate some certain phones, which are not found in the Latin alphabet.

The Czech nouns, adjectives and pronouns have categories of number, gender and case. The morphological rules of the language are sophisticated with a large number of exceptions and stylistic variants.

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