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Translation from Chinese into English

When choosing a translator for a Chinese to English text translation one should carefully think over the options offered in the translation market.

There is a problem with Chinese to English translation. Normally the translation is done from a foreign language to native language. It is just easier to work this way and the results will be better.

The cost of translation from Chinese into English

Up to 75 pages от 900р
Over 75 pages от 880р

The cost of translation from English into Chinese

Up to 75 pages от 900р
Over 75 pages от 880р

As for native English-speaking translators, they, just like other Europeans, usually experience many problems in understanding the meaning of a Chinese text. If they understand it well, they will be able to represent it beautifully in English, however. But, unfortunately, the Chinese language provides a plenty of obstacles for every foreigner who dares to read it.

The problem will be vise versa if a Chinese-speaking translator is concerned. Native speakers, doubtlessly, understand the meaning of a text very well, but understanding is not everything what is needed for translation. What needed is to construct the meaning of the text in a different language and that is a difficult thing for a person who has never had a special training. The most common mistakes of Chinese translators is that they produce a loan translation with the meaning of a text created too figuratively and awkwardly. The native Chinese speaking translators will be definitely the best in understanding the meaning of a text but they will have problems in representing it in English.

The second problem is to find a professional Chinese translator. It looks like nothing can be easier than finding a Chinese to English translator in almost any city of the world – the Chinese now live everywhere, and of course their knowledge of Chinese is strong and sufficient and many Chinese speak good English. This is all true but the problem is that speaking a language is not enough to translate from it. There are not enough of the certified Chinese translators and those who are not certified usually lack even the most essential professional skills like literacy in the native and foreign language.

The professional certified Chinese translators will probably be an exception but there are so few of them in the translation market that you can hardly find one, and if you do, the service price is too high.

What "Express" translation agency offers is combining the advantages of the Chinese and English native speakers with professionalism and affordable price of Russian translators certified in Chinese and English. All the translators working with Chinese employed in our agency have a degree of higher education and they have had a long and intensive language training in China (lasting for minimum a year). So they are ready to deal with the difficulties of the Chinese language. To avoid any possible inaccuracy in translation we employ native speakers to do the final check and proof-reading of our translations. So, the translations won't be as expensive as if they are done by the certified native-speaking translators and it won't be as inaccurate as if it is done only by foreign translators.

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