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Translation from Bulgarian

translation from Bulgarian into RussianThe Bulgarian language belongs to the Slavic group of languages, it is an Indo-European language. The Bulgarian language, therefore, is genetically close to Macedonian, Check, Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic languages. There are around 8.5 to 9 million Bulgarian speakers in the world.

The Bulgarian language obtained a written form in the ancient times, and even the oldest manuscripts mention the existence of this language. In the first references it is called “the Slavic language”, later this name was replaced to Bulgarian language.

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In the earlier times of the Bulgarian language the Glagolitic alphabet (by Cyril and Methodius) was used. Then it was changed to the Cyrillic script, which is still in use in modern Bulgarian.

Nouns in Bulgarian have category of gender (masculine, feminine and neuter) and category of number (singular and plural). As for the category of case, it remains only in the personal pronouns. Personal names, however, also preserved a vocative form, so a special ending is added to a name to address a person.

They have a definite article in Bulgarian language and it has a form of a postfix added to a noun.

A well-known by the most Europeans fact, which even gave a ground for some anecdotes, is that the Bulgarian people nod their head if they mean no and shake it if they mean yes. This is true, but we must add that such Bulgarian gestures are not the same as the correspondent gestures of Europeans. Besides, because of the European influence such gestures loose their popularity and are very rarely used by young people.

There is a rich vocabulary on the topic family in Bulgarian. They have special words to denote close and distant relatives, which can only be translated by expressions to other languages. For example, a Bulgarian word svako, which means husband of your aunt or badjanak, the word by which spouses of two sisters can call each other.

In the Bulgarian language, like in many Slavic, it is possible to use double or even multiple negation which sometimes creates problems for translators.

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