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Translation from Azeri

translation from Azerbaijani into RussianAzeri belongs to the Altaic language family (not to Indo-European like most of the European languages), it is a Turkic language and is closely related linguistically to such languages as Turkmen  (spoken in Turkmenistan) and Turkish (spoken in Turkey).

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The motherland of Azeri language is  Azerbaijan, where it is native to more than 6 million people, besides it is wide-spread in Iran. The number of Azeri speakers in Iran can't be indicated exactly and it is estimated from 13 to 30 million speakers, who live mainly in the northwest part of the country.

Some Azeri speakers also live in Syria, Turkey, Dagestan, Georgia, Iraq. As the Azeri language is so close to Turkish, the Azeris and Turkish speakers can often understand each other pretty well.

Like many languages, Azeri has  several dialects. Because of  Russian influence to Azerbaijan since 19th, there were many words and grammatical structures borrowed from Russian. And, as for Azeri language spoken in Iran, it was influenced by Persian language and absorbed from it many words and expressions. In this way,  Azeri language can be divided into two varieties: North Azeri and South Azeri, which also have their dialectical variants.

From the 7th century Azeri language had the Arabic script, which was modified to fit the language. All the classic Azerbaijan literature pieces were written in Arabic script.

Later, in 20th century, because of the Soviet influence, Latin alphabet was introduced to  Azeri and people were forced to use it instead of the Arabic script. The opinions to this question differ: some people believe that there was a political matter, because the Soviet Union wanted to separate the Azeri from other Muslim people in order to reduce the threat of nationalism. Other people believe that it was done to make the education easier, as at the beginning of the 20th century most of the population were illiterate and the Arabic script is more difficult than Latin alphabet. However, after switching to Latin alphabet in 20s, there was a switch to Cyrillic alphabet in 1940. Probably this change aimed to help the Azeris to learn Russian and to make public publishing of books and press cheaper.

After the collapse of Soviet Union there was an option of switching back to Arabic, but the idea was rejected. However, they switched to the modified Latin alphabet, which has specials symbols for unique Azeri sounds. Nowadays, only Latin alphabet is used for official purposes but Cyrillic is also in everyday use.

As for the Iran diversity of the Azeri language, it never switched to either Latin or Cyrillic alphabet and so the speakers still use the Arabic script.

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