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Peculiarities of Technical Translation

Term precision is directly connected with the demand that every notion should have only one corresponding term, i.e. not to have synonymic terms with corresponding meanings. A term should be the part of strict logical system. Terms meanings and their definitions should conform with the rules of logical classification which clearly distinguishes between objects and notions and doesn’t allow ambiguity or contradictoriness. Besides, any term must have strictly objective definition with no secondary meaning which detracts specialist’s attention adding the element of subjectivity.

The wide use of so-called technicalities (which also constitutes one of the scientific-technical style peculiarities) substantially contributes to mutual understanding among specialists. Technicalities are words and word combinations that don’t have characteristic of  term to identify notions and objects in a certain area, but which are used almost exclusively in the certain communication sphere, selected by close circle of specialists and common for them. Such vocabulary  isn’t usually registered in a dictionary, its meanings aren’t determined by scientific definitions, but such vocabulary is as typical for the scientific-technical style as terminology.

Compliance with norms of special vocabulary use  sets in front of a translator specific problems during translation process.
Scientific-technical materials reveal a large number of grammatical features. Of course, there is no “special scientific-technical grammar”. Scientific-technical speech uses the same phrases and morphological forms as any other functional styles. But a number of grammatical phenomena occurs in this style more frequently than in others and some phenomena, on the contrary, appear in it rather rarely, and other are used only with peculiar lexical content.

Common features of scientific-technical statement, mentioned above, inevitably affect syntactic structure of the utterance. Constructions of the type “A is B” are widely used (i.e. simple two-part clauses with compound predicate which consists of a linking verb and nominal part). Hidden definitions are also numerous attributive groups which are widely used in scientific-technical materials.

Other significant feature of the scientific-technical style, which influences choice and use of language means, consists also in its tendency to brevity and conciseness of statement, which is expressed, particularly, in rather wide use of elliptical constructions.

Designated lexico-grammatical features of scientific-technical materials directly influence the communicative type of such materials, which should be reproduced in translation.

Specificity of technical translation requires from a respective specialist a lot of experience,  linguistic intuition,  professional knowledge. That’s why translator’s specialization in translation agency “Express” is a guarantee of high quality work.

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